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VSA NOW - it's not a job, it's not an adventure.... it's a SINECURE

Veterans work program - although this program was prepared for our returning hero's,
we realize that many of us are domestic veterans who have performed services from A through Z.

Work description: Sell print and online ads to businesses while acquiring customers for those businesses. The work is ideal for a person who wants to be a part of growing revenue and expanding market penetration. (TRAINING AVAILIBLE ! 40% COMMISSION)

Advertising: Advertising in some form is essential for business growth, unfortunately the reality is most small businesses cannot fit the high cost of mainstream advertising into their budgets. SOLUTION, THE DISCOUNT BUYING GUIDE (DBG)

Unlike the circulation or shotgun method your ads go directly in front of members waiting for the (DBG). Your customer acquisition bonus (CAB) will more than cover any discounts you offer (life time ads available).

Saving: Evidence shows a saving account is the best tool to end poverty, VSA offers an enormous opportunity for wealth, each member has only to save between $ 25.00 and $ 250.00 each month in their own account, this marketing style provides an infinite potential for a professional income along with discounts for the rest of your life.

VETERANS SAVING AMERICA (VSA), was created to link consumers and advertisers to returning and local Veterans in need of: A professional income, through saving and profitability from LOW COST discount buying and low cost advertising. Small Businesses join together under the VSA plan to form a large cooperative that benefits all its associates. In the same way that big business is able to keep prices low, VSA can to. For small businesses advertising is essential for growth, unfortunately the reality is that most small businesses cannot afford the high cost of mainstream advertising, much less giving discounts. VSA recognizes this problem and offers a solution in the DISCOUNT BUYING GUIDE (DBG) The COST is SIGNIFICATLY less than the average price, in fact, comparatively VSA advertising is 25% of the cost of other advertising which uses the circulation or shotgun method with no Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB).

The DBG assures small businesses the publicity and high profile advertising they need for growth.