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Consumer Benefits

As a consumer you will enjoy the huge saving when you shop, as well as sharing in the Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB).

Veterans Saving America (VSA) offers a route to money for entrepreneurs and community service organizations by providing both an ongoing source of income as well as huge discounts. Money is earned by you and or your organization when individuals or groups become participants in the VSA savings and earning program.

While you and your organization grows with more participants, your and their income increases. The VSA plan is an opportunity to raise funds needed for the many services your group provides or to build your wealth as an individual. Because each participant generates money, the more participants, the more money there is for you or your organization.

Many community groups operate on a shoestring budget. Participating in VSA can help you through those times when your group needs new supplies or other items that can deplete your funds.

The more people and groups that participate, the bigger the opportunity for savings. If your religious or charitable group cooks meals, whether for socials or to feed the needy VSA will help you save and make money for that dishwasher, oven or refrigerator that needs replacing. What if you need a new computer? Or your building needs a new roof or new landscaping?